Jennifer Aniston's Svelte Body Secret: The Wonder Smoothie

Like almost every other woman in America, I can't get enough of Jennifer Aniston. I love her hair. I covet her body. And I devour articles about what, exactly, she does to look so hot. Is it Pilates? Yoga? Lasers?

Turns out it's actually just a smoothie.

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Jennifer Aniston calls it the Wonder Smoothie, and she drinks only this smoothie one day each week.

I call it starvation, but potato, pot-ahhtoe.

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The drink is made up of fresh, organic vegetables, including beetroot, cucumbers, spinach, garlic, carrots, celery, and kale.

Nutritionist Jeannette Jackson says the smoothie has great health benefits. "Beetroot helps clean the blood of toxins, celery and carrots boost potassium and sodium levels, and kale and parsley offer immense benefits to the brain, so you'll feel less stressed."

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If you're thinking of following Jen's lead, celebrity dietitian Ashley Koff, RD, says doing one day of liquid nutrition a week is a great reset for your body. "But for someone who struggles with hunger or has to worry about blood sugar crashes, I recommend blending some nuts into the smoothie for protein," says Koff

Here's how to make Ms. Aniston's Wonder Smoothie:


  • Six organic cucumbers

  • Three large organic beets

  • Two bunches spinach

  • One bunch organic kale

  • Fresh garlic and ginger

  • One bunch organic carrots

  • A stick of celery

Directions: Pulp all the vegetables together in a juicer. Add a little cayenne pepper or a herb such as parsley, to make the juice blend taste like a vegetable soup. Immediately refrigerate the juice in a glass (no plastic jugs). Drink as much as you want, all day, for one day a week.

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