8 Compliments Your Man Wants to Hear

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May 22, 2012
He wants to hear you say THIS...
He wants to hear you say THIS...

Lately, we've been hearing the same relationship complaint from dudes. Even though they know to call out how awesome your hair/dress/sense of humor is, they feel like they're not getting the same love back. We consulted the guys at ModernMan.com for their take on the ego-boosting compliments guys are secretly craving from you.

By Korin Miller

"No One Makes Me Laugh Like You Do"
Guys place a lot of weight on being funny, and they want to know you dig their sense of humor, too. This statement is better than a simple "you're hilarious!" because it broadcasts that he's the funniest guy you know-a massive ego-booster.

"You Give The Best Advice"
Not only do men like to be asked to help solve problems, they want to know that you're listening (and appreciating) what they have to say.

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"You're So Big"
That's pretty much a given, right? Even if they're crazy well-endowed, a lot of guys aren't sure how they stack up against other, uh, manhoods-they want to hear that you're impressed. If you've been with a guy for a while, try "I don't know if I'll ever get used to how big you are."

"Your Arms Look Sexy"
If your guy logs time at the gym, he wants his hard work to be acknowledged. Try complimenting him on his triceps-it seems more genuine than talking about his biceps.

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"Your Butt Looks Amazing in Those Jeans"
Guys aren't used to being objectified-he'll love knowing you think he's a total sex object.

"You're Making Me So Hot Right Now"
Pretty much anything you can say during sex or foreplay that lets him know he's doing the right moves is a winner.

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"You're So Good At _____"
Even if he's freaking Michael Phelps, your man wants to know that you're aware he has some serious skills. Call it out when he has a great moment, whether it's playing guitar, killing it at co-ed softball, or whipping up a delish meal.

"I Feel Safe When I'm With You"
No matter how independent you are, your guy wants to know that he makes you feel protected (even if you are the spider-killer in your relationship).

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