So This Happened: Dad Takes Crazy Baby Photo

Piper Weiss, Shine Staff
ParentingMay 21, 2012
(Eric Krebs/National Geographic)
(Eric Krebs/National Geographic)

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Every year, National Geographic Traveler hosts a photography contest in search of the most dramatic images of earth's wild inhabitants. The submissions, open until July, already boast a fair share of lions, tigers and bears.

But nothing compares to this entry from photographer Eric Krebs, taken deep in the jungle of the living room.

Before you conference call Child Services and Animal Control, let Krebs explain: "It was taken at about 1:30am after my 7-month-old son decided he wanted to wake up and play with some toys...our dog Molly decided to walk in front of the camera and yawn the moment I took this shot." Believe it or not, that mouth doesn't belong to a wooly mammoth preparing to carry the newborn in her jaws to her winter cave. That's just Molly being sleepy.

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