Ambition meets comfort: Men’s dress pants and sweatpants in one

Nadine Kalinauskas
Shine On
January 7, 2013

If the man in your life craves the cozy comfort of sweatpants at the office, Pinstripe Dress Pant Sweatpants might be for him.

That's right, these dress pants that double as sweatpants are also a blessing for lads who want to go straight from work to the gym without the hassle of changing into workout clothes.

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"In the office or on the road, rest assured that these trousers will make any day feel like Casual Friday. But no one will be the wiser," its creators boast.

According to the San Francisco-based Betabrand Clothing company, these fleece and cotton sweatpants could fool anybody.

"At first glance, Pinstripe Dress Pant Sweatpants look like exquisite wool trousers. Which they are, except for the wool part. Now look closer; better yet, put on a pair. We think you’ll find them quite sophisticated, yet as slumped-on-the-couch comfy as your favourite pair of old sweats, thanks to the wonderfully soft blend of cotton and Tagger fleece."

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Betabrand co-founder Chris Lindland tells the New York Times that his goal is "not to try to create the coolest, most cohesive line of clothing, but to create the most conversation-worthy line of clothing."

Sure, they might be the talk of the office, but they'll also be the most expensive sweatpants in his collection at $128 a pair. And don't forget to complete the outfit with a $168 Executive Pinstripe Hoodie.

So far, the Pinstripe Dress Pant Sweatpants are only available for men. (Ladies will have to stick to the pajancho -- a blanket, pyjama and poncho in one handy piece, or Pajama Jeans -- pyjama pants that double as jeans.)

Does a multitasking wardrobe appeal to you? Or would you rather keep your dress pants and sweatpants separate?

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