Best man loses wedding ring at altar

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Many brides will go to outrageous lengths to ensure that every last detail of their wedding day is perfect. And yet there are some things you simply can't control, like the ability of the best man to deliver the ring down the aisle and into the hand of the groom.

Unfortunately for one unlucky British bride, this simple task was too much for her groom's best friend and brother to handle, who miraculously managed to drop and lose the ring — at the altar.

It all started off well enough for Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey, when suddenly their ceremony at a church outside of London, England was interrupted by a loud "ping." The vicar turned to the best man and asked, "Was that the ring?" Gray tells ABC News.

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All eyes turned to the ground, but the ring was nowhere to be seen. A ten minute search ensued, as the wedding party and guests searched drainage grates, flower arrangements and formal wear to no avail.

The show had to go on, and Gray's mom's wedding ring made a handy substitute. After the service, the newlyweds went to the reception while others stayed back to search for the ring. Eventually everyone gave up and headed to dinner, but the vicar decided to take one last look, and after prying open a crack between the altar step and raised dias, retrieved the missing ring and delivered it to the reception, where he was greeted with cheers.

It's a wedding disaster with a happy ending, but other brides have not been so lucky.

Huffington Post asked their readers to tweet their wedding disasters, and the results were pretty horrific. Among the worst was a three-year-old splitting his chin and bleeding on the wedding dress, a mom high on Oxytocin throwing a tantrum at the rehearsal dinner, a nearly naked grandpa hip-thrusting his way across the dance floor, and a missing wedding gown that had to be replaced by a 10-year-old high school prom dress.

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Peruse YouTube for weddings gone wrong and it's easy to start questioning whether a wedding has ever gone right. Clips of veils and trains caught on all manner of items are abundant, and some mishaps even made the evening news. This rather charming clip of a bride bursting into an uncontrollable fit of laughter at the alter was featured on CNN.

Brides-to-be should take note: don't expect perfection. As long your dress remained blood-free and there were no fist-fights, count yourself lucky.

Watch the video below for some tips about money management for newlyweds.