Call to action: Should restaurants offer discounts for “well-behaved kids”?

Call to action: Should restaurants offer discounts for “well-behaved kids”?

A restaurant in Calgary, Alta. created a buzz on social media this weekend after a patron posted a copy of their Mother's Day brunch receipt with a line that showed a discount for "well-behaved children."

Carino Japanese Bistro recently won the award for "Best New Restaurant" from EnRoute magazine and has seen an influx of patrons to their small, 35-seat establishment.

"We wanted to show some appreciation for kids and parents if the kids dined with manners," Toshi Karino, owner of the restaurant, tells Yahoo Canada Shine.

Patrons receive $5 off their bill for manner-minded tiny diners.

"This is JUST our secret appreciation. We never let the guests know the discount. We've done this often," says Karino.

This got us wondering -- should all restaurants offer discounts for parties with well-mannered children? Does being able to finish a meal in 'peace' deserve a special reward?

What about those with children who act out at a restaurant? Should they be given a surcharge on their bill for "rowdy children" if they disrupt others' dining experience?

Or, does the fact that a restaurant welcomes children mean they should accept the many varied moods a young child could be in when dining? (Especially a restaurant that offers dining amenities for children, such as high chairs.)

Some restaurants already have policies limiting the hours children are welcome to dine, while others still have banned those under the age of 18 entirely. Back in 2011, a restaurant chain in England caused an uproar with their $5 'baby tax' for young eaters.

Karino, for his part, says that his restaurant would never charge a customer extra for a poorly-behaved child.

So, we want to know: Do you think all restaurants should offer discounts for well-mannered children? Should there be an added charge for those with poorly-behaved kids? Tell us in the comments below.