Canadian man gets celebrities to wish cancer-stricken girlfriend happy birthday in YouTube video

Kyle Hartman should be named "boyfriend of the year."

The Canadian man convinced 13 celebrities to wish his cancer-stricken girlfriend a happy birthday and healthy recovery in an effort to both cheer her up and fight cancer.

Steven Tyler, Regis Philbin, Emannuel Chriqui, Jessica Simpson & Ashley Simpson,
Joannie Rochette, Adrian Grenier, Cobie Smulders, Rachel Bilson, Channing Tatum,
Daniel Radcliffe, Max Greenfield, and Kim Kardashian all sent their best wishes to Emily, who is recovering from brain surgery in Australia.

Hartman shares their love story on his donation page for the Canadian Cancer Society.

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Hartman and his Australian girlfriend, Emily, met in 2008. Two years later, they began a long-distance relationship.

In June of 2011, Emily decided to move to Canada to be with Hartman.

One October morning, Emily had a 40-minute seizure in bed. The terrifying diagnosis: a brain tumour.

Because Emily wasn't qualified for OHIP — her travel insurance covered "emergency" surgery, but not the brain surgery recommended by neurosurgeons — she flew back to Australia for the procedure.

"A month and a half went by after the surgery, and it was time for the 'post-surgery' check-up with the neurosurgeon. The surgeons were unable to get all of the tumour out as they were worried they might permanently damage her vision, so they left a small amount still in her brain. The test results showed the tumour is malignant (which means it is cancerous)," Hartman writes.

"However, because of the type of cells, the doctors said no further treatment can be done now. Most people with this type of tumour will have to go through chemotherapy and radiation eventually. This means check-ups twice a year for Emily so they can continue to monitor the size of the tumour."

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Hartman is now taking action against cancer. He's raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society and will soon be shaving off his hair at a charity event he's dubbed Cut-it-Out!

He'll also be relocating to Australia to be with Emily, who he calls #myaussie on Twitter.

"After months of weighing our options, it looks as though I will be making the next move, and by next move I mean: yes, I will be moving to Australia in spring 2013 to be together with myaussie! I cant be any more excited to reunite once again," he writes.