Ed Houben, Dutch ‘sperm donor’ has fathered 87 children the natural way

Think of Ed Houben as something of a fertility philanthropist. The 42-year-old Dutch man is a prolific sperm donor, having already fathered 87 children, with five buns-in-the-oven in progress, reports ABC news.

But what really sets Houben apart from any other sperm donor is his methodology. Unlike most other donors, Houben impregnates women the traditional way. No clinics, cups or nudie magazines required. And he does not accept payment for his "donations."

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"This isn't Heidi Klum coming round and saying: 'Let's do it'. It's genuine people who I would never want to hurt. I have a good old fashioned Catholic guilt feeling and I would be a candidate for therapy if I did this for the wrong reasons," Hoben tells ABC.

While some may criticize Houben for his unorthodox (or, rather, exceedingly orthodox) insemination methods, he claims to have cared more about making other people happy than getting regular sex from a variety of women.

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Writes Houben on his personal website:

When I heard of people, who want to give a child a fair chance in life and a lot of love but this heart's desire could not be fulfilled, it made me sad. One day I hope to raise children myself with a woman, who I can love for a lifetime. Maybe that will happen, maybe not.

Houben boasts a very virile 100 million sperm count and and eighty per cent conception rate. And his fertile reputation apparently precedes him, as would-be mothers travel from far and wide for a shot at conceiving with him. So far, Houben has fathered babies via mothers in his native Holland, as well as Britain, Germany, Italy, Israel, Belgium, Luxembourg and even as far away as Australia.

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