Ella and Anna, 7-year-old fraternal twins, meet for the first time

In 2006, two little girls were adopted from China.

Last weekend, they met for the first time — after their respective adoptive parents learned they were twins.

Ella was adopted by Michigan couple Randy and Teresa Cuares, who heard that she had been abandoned in a park.

Anna's parents, the Kandls of North Carolina, were told their adopted daughter was left at hospital doorstop.

During the adoption process, Teresa Cuares and Karen Kandl met. They noted that their daughters shared some significant similarities.

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"As soon as we realized the girls shared birthdays, Karen e-mailed me and said 'You know, I noticed that our girls shared birthdays. Do you think it's a possibility that they are twins?'" Teresa tells Fox Carolina.

The two families kept in touch over Facebook, sharing photos of their daughters.

"I'll look at Anna, I'll look at Ella, and I can just see that they are related," says Randy Cuares.

Earlier this summer, curiosity got the best of the two families -- and they asked for a DNA test.

The test confirmed their suspicions that Ella and Anna are fraternal twins.

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The families introduced the 7-year-old girls to each other last weekend, and shyness quickly gave way to friendship for the long-lost sisters.

"They have a lot of the same facial expressions, so things like that catch me off guard," Karen tells Fox Carolina.

"It didn't take long for them to realize 'Oh, if we go inside and avoid all this parent stuff, we can get to know each other,'" says Teresa.

"It's a connection we can't give her, it's something we can never ever provide, and now we have that connection," she adds.

The families plan to stay in close contact.