Esquire survey reveals married men are happier with their sex lives

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Who knew that married men have better sex lives than singles, and only a minority of guys prefer large breasts? The 522 men that answered Esquire's recent sex survey and spilled the beans on their sexual preferences and habits, have revealed some surprises.

For starters, of the randomly selected group of American men between the ages 21 and 59, it was married men who reported the most satisfaction in their sex lives. While only 47 per cent of singles reported having satisfying sex lives, 66 per cent of married men have that luxury.

When it comes to positions, many guys like women on top — 30 per cent prefer "cowgirl" style, with the woman on top. The "missionary" pose, with the guy on top, takes a close second at 28 per cent and "doggy style" comes in third at 26 per cent.

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Toronto psychotherapist and relationship expert, Kimberly Moffit, is not fazed that only 24 per cent of the men surveyed had a preference for larger breasts.

"Men have all different types of preferences," she says. "And whether you're big or small, there's going to be someone out there who's interested in you."

You might think of your married friends as being as straight as they come — but 14 per cent of the married men in the survey said they'd had one or more sexual experience with another male.

On the topic of porn, men are all over the board. Twenty-four percent say they watch it everyday, 27 per cent say once a week, and 17 per cent say never. Of those who do partake, only 13 per cent prefer watching women having sex. And 21 percent have filmed themselves having sex.

"Watching porn a perfectly healthy thing to do, whether you're in a relationship or not," says Moffit. "It's usually not an indicator of problems in a marriage."

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Only 34 per cent of men reported wearing condoms — out of those who don't wear them, 56 per cent say they don't need to because they're in a monogamous relationship, while 11 percent said they have multiple partners, but just don't like using them.

One curious finding is that men of different ages have different desires for what sex techniques they use. While those in their 20s wish they spent more time stimulating their partner's breasts more so than men in their 40s, a greater percentage of the older men wish they performed oral sex on their partners more often.

And, depending on your vantage point, a surprisingly high — or an oddly low — percentage of men cheat on their spouses. Of the men claiming to be in a committed relationship, 34 per cent had slept with someone else since the start of the relationship. Almost half of the men in the study said they don't know whether they'd judge someone for cheating on his wife because "marriage is complicated."

The good news is Moffit believes those numbers are strikingly high. She adds, "Marriage is complicated, but that isn't a reason to cheat. You shouldn't see cheating as making marriage less complicated."

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