Granny chic: Would you go grey for fashion’s sake?

Nadine Bells
Shine On

Grey hair isn't going away — and I'm not talking about the pesky strands that creep in to remind us that we're not 18 anymore.

In the fall of 2009, socialite Daphne Guinness wowed with a Cruella de Vil-esque silver 'do at Paris Fashion Week.

In 2010, Kate Moss streaked her blonde hair grey.

That same year, Lady Gaga went all-out with a grey-and-black mane.

Young trendsetters started embracing the trend. Silver manes popped up on runways and red carpets.

In 2012, the look is only getting hotter.

At the Oscars, arguably Hollywood's most formal event, Kelly Osborne showed off lilac-tinted grey waves with her gown.

"I've always wanted to be young and have grey hair," Osbourne claims.

(I doubt that's every woman's childhood dream. But to each her own.)

Jean Godfrey June, the beauty director of Lucky Magazine, told that the trend can be traced back to 2006, when Kirsten Dunst wowed in powered grey wigs in Marie Antoinette.

Remember this?

"I feel like that whole feeling of beautiful fanciness and very decorative Marie Antoinette hair, that sort of went into everyone's consciousness," June said.

He continued, "Daphne Guinness, her grey was so shocking, and she's so shocking and so cool, it made other people think about doing it. Every celebrity on earth has tried pink streaks or blue, so maybe silver is next."

Would you go grey to stay on-trend? And if you're naturally grey, are you ready to forgo the dye for of-the-moment silver?

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