Want fuller brows? Get a neck hair transplant

Lindsay MacAdam
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Eyebrow trends have come and gone over the years, as trends do, with bushy brows coming in and out of style and leaving an unfortunate throng of over-plucked tadpoles in their place. Thick brows are indeed having a moment, with models like Arizona Muse and Bambi Northwood-Blyth and actresses like Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins showing us what a strong, well-groomed eyebrow can do for a face. There's just something about a girl with naturally thick, unaltered arches that makes so many thin-browed women wonder what it would be like to have such a standout feature.

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Well, wonder no longer. Los Angeles-based Dr. Sanusi Umar's uGraft eyebrow transplant procedure, originally developed for burn victims who have experienced hair loss, promises to give you the bushy brows you've always dreamed of.  The cost is steep at $6,000-$8,000 and the procedure takes three or four hours . Dr. Umar tells Elle it is "an art form," works by transplanting individual hairs from the leg or the nape of the neck, by the hundreds, into the sparser areas of the natural arches.

According to Dr. Umar's website, "The hairs must be perfectly placed into tiny incisions that are at just the right angle and direction to mimic natural growth."

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Sounds tricky, right? Also, since the hair is coming from another part of your body, it might not stop growing at a certain length like eyebrow hairs do. The site warns: "Keep your scissors handy for regular trimming."

Dr. Umar tells Elle he's had some requests from women for eyebrow reshaping and enhancing with the uGraft, but what's surprising is that so far men have been most interested. "Men that want thicker eyebrows...because they equate the look with masculinity," he says.

Would you ever consider undergoing an eyebrow transplant procedure?