The hottest new trend in fashion? Side boob

Sheryl Nadler
Shine On

Miley Cyrus rocked it, Kristen Stewart flashed it and even Gwyneth Paltrow surprised with it on recent red carpets. And now, with high-end designers incorporating the look into their fall collections, The Guardian is declaring side boob to be one of fashion's hottest trends.

But critics of this form of daring dress — which is also referred to as "side cleavage" and involves donning a garment that exposes the side of your boob — caution the look can easily go awry and is not for every woman.

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"In order to pull it off well, one must ensure that the presence of the side boob is not competing for attention with any other part of the boob," says Jeff Golf, a Montreal-based personal stylist and co-owner of Ludique personal fashion styling. "Here, elegance is key. Just look at Naomi Watts at the Glamour Awards. Though her dress revealed a hint of side boob, she wisely covered the rest of her front while instead exposing her back. Good choice."

"Showing off too much of anything is never good unless you're at the beach," he continues. "And even then, often we'd prefer that those around us leave something — anything! — to our imaginations."

Gabriele Hackworthy, fashion director at Harper's Bazaar, would probably agree.

"A halterneck is the safest way to wear it," she tells The Guardian. "Then at least you are covered at the front."

Hackworthy also advises women whose cups runneth over a C to put side boob out of their style minds and seek alternate options. She maintains if the goal is to look elegant and un-trashy, a side-boob wearer should have perky, pert breasts.

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But not everyone's a fan of the now ubiquitous look. Christina Anderson from Stylist laments the rise of the side boob and wonders how much is too much?

"On the red carpet I prefer a modest elegance," she writes. "We already have enough cleavage and nip slips to last us well into the next century."

Golf maintains that if styled properly, women can pull off the hot new look with chic-ness and taste.

"They should ensure that the girls are in the right place and that their garments won't shift too much as they are walking around," he offers. "Double-sided tape can work miracles. As stylists we believe the art of selected camouflage goes a long way. The side boob is no exception. Hide what should remain hidden and turn the rest into art!"

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