IKEA house: Prefab ‘aktiv’ home made entirely from IKEA products

Nadine Bells
Shine OnMarch 5, 2012
IKEA house design
IKEA house design

I'm currently in the midst of moving. This means I'm spending too much time on the IKEA website, plotting out an affordable, super-organized, non-ugly home office. ("Non-ugly" is a quality I quite admire in living spaces.)

Every time I walk through IKEA, I want to live in its showrooms.

Kind of like this:

Thanks to Oregon architectural firm ideabox, purchasing an entire IKEA home is now an option for Pacific-Northwest home-buyers.

Yes, a prefabricated IKEA house — for a super-affordable $86,500. (Manland not included.)

"Introducing aktiv, the first in a new line of houses designed by ideabox and appointed by IKEA. Swedish inspired, wide open living, functional, no wasted space, and full of personality!" the official site announces.

See the floor plan — and interior shots of the model home at the Portland Home & Garden Show —at PSFK.

These small 53' x 14' trailer-like, space-efficient, eco-friendly one-bedroom homes will feature fully-installed IKEA kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and wardrobes, with plenty of customizable options for buyers.

Confession time: Would you want to live in an IKEA house?

It is the place for love, after all.

Here are some tips for successful IKEA shopping. Beware the impulse buy.

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