‘Mad Men’ inspired lingerie to hit select stores

Sofi Papamarko
Shine On
April 4, 2012

AMC's Emmy Award-winning "Mad Men" is known for its clever social commentary, subtle acting and compelling, read-between-the-lines character arcs. But let's be real  — some viewers tune in just to ogle Jessica Paré's décolletage or Christina Hendricks' majestic waist-to-hip ratio.

According to The Daily Mail, the costume designer responsible for the head-turning silhouettes of the women of "Mad Men" is collaborating with Maidenform to release a vintage-inspired shapewear line.

Costume designer Janie Bryant and the Maidenform team are spelunking the brand's old-timey archives to come up with true-to-the-era designs, tweaked somewhat to appeal to the contemporary woman.

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"There has been a move in the lingerie market towards more retro-inspired undergarments," says Gail McInnes, director of Magnet Creative Management. "La Senza's current pin-up look and campaigns are a perfect example. While not taking directly from vintage patterns, pin-up inspirations can be seen throughout their collections with polka dot and animal prints and even higher-waisted panties."

Bryant tells Fashionista that the undergarments will "celebrate curves and femininity."

But not everyone is celebrating in anticipation of the collection.

"I think there's a danger in being too nostalgic in terms of clothes," says fashion and pop culture writer Sarah Nicole Prickett, who calls the collection "context-devoid" and "kitschy", but qualifies her take on the matter by stating that her mother was wholly a product of the 1950s.

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"A great thing about contemporary clothes is that you can move and breathe and wreak intimidation in them. I don't know why so many feminists are vintage addicts, other than maybe a sense of not wanting to consume too much new, unnecessary or overpriced (stuff) — totally valid," says Prickett.

Misplaced nostalgia aside, thousands of women will probably be lining up for "Mad Men" by Maidenform girdle-type-situations and bullet bras. You know, just to authentically tap into the struggles that our mothers and grandmothers experienced in the pre-feminist era.

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