‘Meat Geek’ discovers Las Vegas Steak, a new kind of steak

Sheryl Nadler
Shine On
May 22, 2012

Just when you thought there had been no true innovations in the foodie universe, along comes a "Meat Geek" to shatter your world. Prepare to meet the newest cut of beef, aptly named the Vegas Strip Steak.

Tony Mata of Mata & Associates unveiled his culinary discovery at the Protein Innovation Summit in Chicago last month, reports ABC News.

"With more than 30 years of beef carcass research and development, Mata, the self-proclaimed Meat Geek, approached [meat specialist Jacob] Nelson and Oklahoma State University's FAPC with the possibility of a new beef carcass cut," says a story in Drover's Cattle Network.

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Mata claims this new cut of beef can stand its own against the New York Strip Steak and other popular steak varieties. And thanks to its versatility, it can be used in a variety of ways and for many uses.

The Vegas Strip steak is patent pending, which raises an interesting issue about meat, reports NPR.

In his story titled "Can you patent a steak?" reporter Jacob Goldstein writes, "There does seem to be a precedent for this sort of thing. One guy patented cuts of meat that became Steak-Umm and KFC's popcorn chicken."

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Mata claims the steak, which is taken from a part of the beef carcass normally reserved for hamburger meat, can be cut into pieces ranging from 4 ounces to 12 ounces and doesn't require additional aging or marinating to achieve optimal flavour and tenderness, reports the Cattle Network.

Want to try the Vegas Strip? It's in the works, but with a patent pending, you may have to wait a short while until it's readily available.

Watch the video below about how to make a meat and potato pie.

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