Men who paid for ‘Pick-Up Artist’ services lash out against unfulfilled promises

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

If you're a guy who has ever considered paying a self-described Pick-Up Artist (PUA) two thousand dollars for a weekend seminar on how to score with chicks, you may want to put away your pocket books and pay attention.

Jezebel writes about how a website called PUA Hate is electronically lashing out against the leaders of the "seduction community", those self-described dating gurus who help sexually underprivileged men to meet, neg, charm and subsequently bed as many women as possible.

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But instead of hating on the dating gurus for their genuinely misogynistic viewpoints and overall sleaziness, the PUA haters are ticked that they dropped a couple of thousand dollars in a PUA class and are not getting the results they were promised -- meaning easy sex with any woman of their choosing.

One disgruntled PUA Hate user writes: "Guess what? [Speed Seduction] doesn't work, so I'm back to where I along with booze, bullying, begging and/or buying."

One charming user's tagline on his profile says: "Women who don't want sex with me are dead to me." (Emphasis his.)

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Here's an idea, fellows. Instead of handing over your hard-earned cash to a stranger who claims he'll teach you to hypnotize girls into wanting your body, how about taking an improv class to learn how to play nicely with others? Or maybe taking a girl out for a nice meal and getting to know her as a person?  If you want to get really crazy, you could also  volunteer at a charity that is close to your heart and hope to meet a like-minded woman?

No? Well then, how about just spending less time being angry on the internet.

Watch the video below where the bubbly Niecy Nash discusses how important money is in a relationship.