Mick Hobday: Man spends more than $58,000 tasting cornflakes around the world

Mick Hobday has a very simple goal in life: “To eat a bowl of cornflakes in every country in the world.”

The 33-year-old Brit has spent much of the last decade devoted to achieving that goal, and so far has eaten some 4000 bowls of cereal on five continents. He's munched flakes in 60 countries and shelled out more than $58,000 while doing so.

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Hobday began his international travels and his cornflake tasting quest back in 2002 in Mexico, reports The Daily Mail. On his travel blog Hobsausage, Hobday explains the reasoning behind his unusual quest.

“…if I do visit every country and somebody tells me I am not the first then I can pull my corn flakes as a wild card. I doubt very much if anyone has ever eaten a bowl everywhere in fact I also wonder if its ever been done in the entire cosmos over its 14 billion year history. My feat will be unique throughout time and space.”

If it sounds a little crazy, that’s because it is. Add to the randomness the fact that Hobday has type 1 diabetes, and the feat becomes all the more incredible.

Hobday is continuing his quest for the perfect flake with a trip to India later this year.

Hobday tells the Daily Mail that his ideal flake would be “dark, organic, locally grown, and handmade.” He says there’s been a huge range in quality of flakes he’s tried, and that some of the cheaper ones -- primarily in Asia and Africa -- taste more like cardboard than corn.

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If you want more details on Hobday’s adventures, you’re in luck, because the now-married man has written an e-book about his travels titled The Adventures of a Hard-up, Diabetic Traveller with a Corn Flake Problem.

While Hobday continues on his unlikely quest, another Brit recently completed his own international journey.

Graham Hughes visited every country in the world without taking a single flight. The feat took him four years, and though he had a few close calls and nights in jail, he completed the 200 country journey in less than four years. No word yet on whether there's a book in the works, but you can read about his adventure here.