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Morning after pill delivered via courier in the U.K.

Sofi Papamarko
Shine On
April 19, 2012

Pizza. Books. Shoes. Newspapers. Furniture. Chinese food.

Now, add to the growing list of things that can be ordered online and delivered to people's doorsteps — the morning after pill.

DrEd.com, a UK-based pharmaceutical courier service, has plans to introduce Levonelle 1500®, the popular emergency contraceptive pill, into their rapid delivery repertoire on April 23.

"We chose to add the courier service for morning after pills for two reasons," DrEd.com founder Amit Khutti. "Clinically, emergency contraception works best the sooner it is taken. Also, our service negates the embarrassment that people often report when having to get the morning after pill in person."

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Khutti says that they are committed to making healthcare more accessible.

"We know there are busy women working in London who don't always have time to go to a pharmacy or their GP for the prescription, and we think they will benefit from the service. It is also likely to be helpful for those too embarrassed to request emergency contraception face-to-face."

According to the Telegraph, the emergency contraceptive pill can be delivered by DrEd.com within two hours on a weekday, and it's even possible for customers to order it online at night for delivery the following morning.

That's not even morning after regret! That's same night regret!

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Some critics are complaining that this kind of easy and discreet access to the emergency contraceptive pill might encourage underage teens to have sex, but Khutti disagrees.

"For starters, you need to pay for the service and if you're young there are a number of places you can already get the morning after pill for free," Khutti tells the Telegraph.

Those who order the pills from DrEd.com need to confirm that they are over the age of 18, and the £20 ($31.88) fee is charged to a credit card. Most teenagers don't have access to one, unless it belongs to the Bank of Mom and Dad.

Prescription drug delivery services are available in Canada through various pharmacies, including Shoppers Drug Mart. However, delivery of the emergency contraception pill is not currently available in Canada and unless an enterprising bike courier with a keen interest in women's health wants to take up the cause, it's not looking like it will become available anytime soon.

"We have no plans at this time," says Tammy Smitham, director of communications and corporate affairs at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Check out the video below about some things you may not know about sexual health.

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