The one word Barack won’t say to Michelle

Lia Grainger
Shine On

Leave it to Barbara Walters to casually ask the president and first lady of the United States of America how they keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Okay, so she didn’t word it exactly like that, but in the first major post-election interview that Barack and Michelle Obama have given, Walters did not-so-subtly inquire as to “How they keep the fire going in their marriage.”

The first couple giggled a little nervously, and then Barack gave his super PG response.

"We've been married now 20 years, and like every marriage, I think you have your ups and your downs. But if you work through the tough times, the respect and love that you feel deepens."

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Michelle was a bit more candid, admitting that there’s “a lot of laughter” involved. While that’s not exactly sexy, it’s pretty charming.

And the affection didn’t stop there. When shown a famous photo of the couple hugging on the campaign trail that became the most tweeted photo in history, Michelle exclaimed, “That’s my honey, giving me a hug,” to which Barack replies, “I love giving you hugs.”

That’s gotta earn some brownie points with the wife, but when it comes to staying in the good books, Barack made it clear that sometimes what you don’t say is just as important as what you do.

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When Barack implied that Michelle sometimes has difficulty biting her tongue, Walters inquired, “Was there a time when you went “Shh?”

“No, I never say…are you kidding? We’ve been married 20 years,” says the president. “You think I’m going to go ‘shh’ to my wife?”

“Yeah, I’ve never heard ‘shh’ come out of his mouth,” confirms the First Lady.

Admitting that he never tells his wife to keep quiet won't hurt Barack's popularity among the ladies. It would seem that the president is as diplomatic in love as he is in politics.