‘Red Thong In Divorce Court’: The days of simple nail polish names are over

Sheryl Nadler
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Are you ready to wear a Red Thong In Divorce Court or would you rather Lemonade Stand By Your Man? If you're heading to your local salon for a pedicure, you could possibly do both.

Gone are the days when you might have plucked a nail polish simply titled "hot pink" or "moss green" from the salon nail polish rack. The Independent reports that in order to compete in a polish-saturated market, cosmetics companies have been getting increasingly more creative with the names they give to new nail polish shades.

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Nail polish heavyweight OPI is famous for its wacky and sometimes controversial names like Iris I Was Thinner and Miso Happy With This Colour. The Independent says the giant polish company looked to Germany for inspiration when naming shades from its autumn/winter 2012 collection.

"'It takes six people eight hours to name 12 shades,' says Suzi Weiss Fischmann, OPI's creative director. "For this we sat in a room and ate German food to get inspired."

As a matter of fact so much attention has been paid to the names of nail polish shades, at least one blogger has devoted an entire site to it.

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The blog, aptly titled Stupid Nail Polish Names, keeps a running list of … well … stupid nail polish names. Ranking up there with the aforementioned monikers? Dick Weed; Jizz, 12 Inch Gang Bang and I have a Herring Problem.

Blogger Panderbear had this to say about "Dick Weed; Jizz":

"Before you named this little number 'Jizz'... you probably should have considered how wearers are going to have to respond when someone asks them 'What's on your nails?'

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