Relationship Status Bracelets wear your heart on your sleeve

Sheryl Nadler
Shine On

Are you "in an open relationship" and "looking for fun"? How about "married" and "looking for friendship"? Thanks to a new line of European accessories, you can now literally wear your heart on your sleeve — and tell that hot guy perched on the next bar stool exactly where your head is at, without saying a word.

New York Magazine reports that Buump's Relationship Status Bracelets are already a hit in fashion-forward Europe and are poised to make a splash on this side of the pond. Available in 10 colours, the silicone bands are divided into two categories: "Relationship Status" and "Looking For." The idea is to mix and match, as per your individual situation.

"I think it's a great conversation opener among young, most-likely single people that would like to show where their head is, what their status is," says Michelle Gallant, owner of Looks Image Consulting in Toronto. "Because it's a conversation starter. So you're out at a bar, and you've got them on saying you're looking for casual friendship and a guy would see it and start talking to you about it. "

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And while she thinks the concept is a great idea and suspects it will become very popular, Gallant does caution that not everyone will want to put their relationship wants and desires out there in so obvious a manner.

"Not everyone will want to wear something that says so obviously to people what they're all about," she continues.

"I don't know if everyone would … be able to handle the feedback they would get.  Some would go on the more conservative side and just say 'friends.'"

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So can announcing your relationship status on your sleeve make you a happier human?

A Psychology Today blog examines the question of whether or not other people's relationship statuses on Facebook can influence relationship satisfaction. And according to one study at least, the answer is yes.

"A male partner's indication of a 'partnered status' on his Facebook profile was linked to more relationship satisfaction for both the man and his partner," says the story. However the reverse wasn't true for the male if a woman declared a "partnered status."

The psychology of relationships aside, the question for Canadian retailers will be, should they stock up on Buump bracelets or not?

"We carry one-of-a-kind gift items and are always on the hunt for the next big thing," says Michale Horowitz, owner of Blue Banana Market in Toronto. "A successful retail store is always an evolution of new and changing product. A few years ago silly bands were the big trend, now we don't sell them anymore. Looks like Buumps could be the new flavour of the month."

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