Texas restaurant bans kids under eight after 7 p.m.

Your kids may be cute, but they aren't cute when they are crawling under dining tables, throwing beans on the floor and having temper tantrums.

That's the message coming from Mexican reality television chef Aquiles Chavez, who on Monday announced on his Facebook restaurant page that kids under eight are no longer welcome at La Fisheria seafood restaurant in Houston, Texas after 7 p.m.

Unsurprisingly, he has been taking some heat, although he is far from the first North American restaurant to ban kids. Back in 2011, a Pennsylvania casual restaurant made headlines for banning kids under six. And earlier this summer, a Virgina sushi restaurant banned anyone under 18.

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“We have a lot of complaints from couples who decide to have dinner and the customers say ‘I left my children at my house with the babysitter and we come to the restaurant and see children running around the restaurant screaming and crying,’” Chavez tells ABC.

Co-owner Ena Niño says the policy was only instituted after customers walked out when several screaming children created an incident, reports Death and Taxes.

Houston resident Bertran Bilton doesn't agree with the policy and tells ABC, “I definitely wouldn’t support them. I believe families should be able to eat together.”

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Though another Houston resident, Becky Pickens, is appreciative of such a decision.

“ We just went to three restaurants to have breakfast and left two because of too dang many kids,” says Pickens. “I think it’s cool.”

Chavez, who has two children under eight, tells the Houston Chronical the decision was very challenging for him partly because his wife was not supportive and also because his business partner has kids under this age.