Top baby names of 2012 so far — reveals some surprises

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Last year, made its predictions for the top baby-naming trends of 2012. Now four months into the year, is sharing all the most popular names, from the classic to creative, posted in its birth announcement forum since January.

See the entire list here.

Popular names — names listed more than once on the forum — for girls include Alice, Charlotte, Frances, Hazel, Leonie, Penelope, Ruby and Wren. Among top choices for boys' names were Elliot, James, Kingston, Silas and Walter.

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How are these names stacking up against the earlier 2012 predictions? got their letter trends correct, with plenty of A and M names popping up this year: Adelaide, Adriana, Aira, Aislee, Alive, Anniston, Alastair, Alfred, Asher, August, Augustin, Madeline, Mae, Maeve, Magnolia, Maren, Maven, Matthias, Miles.

Other anticipated trends included adjectives like Ruby, Western names like Boone, and names ending in "ie" as is represented by Leonie and Natalie.

While some of the names in the quarterly report reflects the predicted trends, other trends seem to be emerging more strongly.

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For girls, the list was full of floral and colourful names: Fleur, Iris, Ivy, Juniper, Magnolia, Hazel, Ruby and Scarlet. For boys, Biblical names remained strong contenders: Gideon, Isaac, James, Jude, Hezekiah.

Last week, listed some of the hottest new choices, ones that have yet to peak in popularity, for the year. Included is Ivy, thanks to Beyonce's new addition, The Hunger Games' Rue and Cato, Twilight's Emmett, Adele, Grayson, and Estelle.

If you're looking for some about-to-be-trendy baby name inspiration, check out all the hot new names here.

Parents, do trends influence your children's names?

Check out the video below of with Olympic hurdler and new mom Priscilla Lopes-Schliep.