New way to date: PowerPoint presentations at ‘Me So Far’

Nadine Kalinauskas
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Online dating may have lost its stigma, but it still hasn't won everyone over.

Automated questions, predetermined profile outlines, and make-a-match algorithms make online scrolling through potential dates a monotonous chore for some. And others are equally turned off by the idea of "shopping" for a mate.

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Enter Me So Far, a new dating-event launched in Chicago. Instead of online profiles, singles get to know one another via PowerPoint presentations. Yes, PowerPoint.

It's personal storytelling time, free from the monotonous structure of the online dating world. There are no fill-in-the-blank biographies here. Singles share slides that reveal things about themselves. Some share songs, others reveal the contents on their refrigerators, and some choose to share failures, fears and dreams.

These mini-monologues are then capped off with happy hour — and plenty of mingling.

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"I think it's really important that we build spaces and places for people to meet that don't feel so data-driven or impersonal," Lakshmi Rengarajan, 36, founder of Me So Far, tells the New York Times.

Other new dating strategies are emerging, too. Tawkify sets up phone dates between strangers — following an interview with a matchmaker — instead of letting singles scroll through profiles. Tawkify does the online research for you, using Klout scores to help assess compatibility.

Are you tired on the online-dating scene? Or has it served you well? Share your story in the comments.

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