Wedding UGGs: Comfy bridal style or just plain ‘Ugg’ly?

Be on your guard, engaged ladies. There's a new fashion crime to fight: bridal UGGs.

UGG Australia's release of its new bridal collection on Wednesday was met with a resounding "ugh" from fashionistas' everywhere.

Never has a universal fashion "don't" gone viral so quickly as did with the sparkly white clunky boots. Their tagline: "Your wedding just got a lot cozier."

It's not that brides don't want comfort. TOMS' bridal line wasn't attacked as viciously. But only time will tell if brides opt to ditch the stilettos for sheepskin.

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"I guess these can be a great footwear option if you are throwing your wedding reception in one of the IceHotel locations," Serge Kerbel, creative director at the magazines Women of Influence and Argyle, tells the Toronto Star.

UGG's "I Do" capsule collection includes a pair of white slippers and two pairs of the iconic shearling surf-boots -- one covered in pink sequins, another covered in satin with Swarovski crystal buttons.

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CBC News' Community Blog followed the anti-UGG Twitter firestorm, but also featured a photo gallery of real brides who, prior to this capsule collection, opted to wear non-bridal Uggs on their special day.

Maybe there really is a market for these sparkly boots. The line is already on backorder.

Fortunately — or unfortunately, if you're into cozy footwear — the "I Do" UGGs are currently only available in the United States.

There's no word on whether wedding Crocs will follow suit with a wedding line of their own.

Watch the video below about how to dress in bold patterns this summer.