Woman uses Christmas lights to give neighbours middle finger

Lia Grainger
Shine On
December 21, 2012

Tis the season to be…gratuitously rude to your neighbours?

Apparently one woman from Louisiana has completely misinterpreted the purpose of the holiday season, and is using her Christmas lights to flip off her entire neighbourhood -- and a judge has now ruled she has every right to do so.

Sarah Childs hung the giant glowing middle finger on the roof of her house in Denham Springs, Louisiana back in November, reports the Standard Examiner. Childs apparently has an ongoing feud with her neighbours, who she claims have been meddling in her affairs and spreading vicious lies throughout the neighbourhood, reports WBRZ.

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She’s been told to take the display down twice by police and has complied, but decided to fight for her freedom of expression in court, with the help of American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana.

On Thursday, a judge ruled in her favour, saying that forcing her to remove the lights is a violation of her right to free speech and due process. A hearing is scheduled for January 7, which means that Childs’ little neighbourhood may have to deal with a giant obscenity lighting up the night right through to 2013.

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Though it seems like a counter-intuitive medium for voicing discontent and rage, Childs is hardly the first to use Christmas lights in such a manner.

This very Christmas season in the British seaside town of Brighton, a disgruntled city employee has hidden obscene images and angry sentiments in the city’s Christmas lights, reports the Daily Caller. There is an ejaculating penis, a Santa being felated by an angel, the words “Buy more shit” and of course, “I hate my job.”

Hey, nothing says Christmas like populist rage.

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