This Body Treatment Made My Dull, Dry, and Bumpy Skin Glistening and Smooth in a Matter of Mere Weeks

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My skin is summer-ready.

<p>Oui the People</p>

Oui the People

Warm weather is on the horizon, which means I’ll finally be able to ditch the tights that have been my second skin for the last few months. And with an upcoming trip to Italy in May, my skin will soon be basking in the Tuscan sun. In my daydreams, I am lounging by a pool in the middle of a vineyard with my arms and legs smooth and glistening — though my appendages are not currently in that condition; I figured I needed to start working on my body care ASAP to make that dream a reality. I decided on a two-product, post-shower routine — the crux of which is Oui the People’s Cheat Sheet Resurfacing Body Serum.

The formula contains a combination of acids including glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and proline — an amino acid that amplifies the creation of protein and therefore, collagen. Together, the ingredients chemically exfoliate your skin, slough off dead cells, and quicken the rate cells regenerate to reveal a glowing, fresh complexion. The addition of Atlantic sea kelp also promotes the health of your skin barrier, improves hydration, and calms irritation (potentially caused by the acids or even shaving). The instructions say to begin using Cheat Sheet two to three times per week before moving onto daily use; however, my skin is sensitive and the active ingredients are quite strong, so I began with a once-a-week cadence.



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I shaved before I applied this the first time and felt a very slight tingling sensation. The product absorbed almost instantly, and when I ran my hands over my legs, there was no stickiness or hint of product; it was as if I hadn’t applied anything at all. Cheat Sheet makes my body feel the way my face does after using toner — refreshed, clarified, and clean in a way that just can’t be replicated by body wash. I’ve been using it three times a week, and the skin on my arms and legs has never looked better — it’s glowing. My skin is also free of post-shave redness and ingrown hairs and the bumps caused by congested pores and keratosis pilaris are almost imperceptible; if I keep up with this routine, they might actually be gone for the first time in my adult life.

The serum also made my body feel primed to absorb truly rich moisture, so I skipped the lighter creams and lotions, using Cultus Artem’s Body Oil instead. It’s expensive, especially compared to a giant $10 bottle of Aveeno Lotion, but feels like an indulgence and a ritual as my parched skin gulps down every drop of the prickly pear-, squalane-, and vitamin E-packed formula.

I began working on my summer skin early anticipating it would take a while, but thanks to the Oui the People Cheat Sheet Serum (and Cultus Artem Body Oil), I am happily ahead of schedule. Head to Nordstrom and Oui the People to shop. 

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