Botox Parties Are Back in Full Effect for Summer 2023 — Here's Everything You Should Know

Botox Parties have always been a thing. In my 20s, living the NYC socialite life, I attended a few of these highbrow events. Not to get anything done but to load up on snacks and beverages and scope the scene — reeling over the fact that I'd only known these specific events from television.

But as we're coming off the heels of the pandemic, many are looking to get a few tweaks to their faces bringing back the trend of what dermatologists call "injection evenings."

What is a Botox party?

A Botox party or "injection evening" is where the goal is to gather at one of your friend's homes while having your favorite tunes playing, cocktails and hor dourves, all while getting an unusual activity done: Botox.

Contingent on the host and the environment, an aesthetic doctor arrives at the home or rented med spa with equipment to give out desired injections.

Are Botox Parties Legal?

Check with local state laws where the party will take place. In some states where Botox Parties aren't legal, friends can ask local doctors if they can come into groups to have their injections performed.

Who Can Give Injections at a Botox Party?

Even though the environment is quite casual, the following should be the only ones invited to perform the procedure:

  • licensed physician

  • registered nurse (RN)

  • nurse practitioner (NP)

  • physician assistant (PA)

Please note that whether you're in an office or at a friend's home, you still need to have a licensed professional proceed with a consultation and you need to sign agreements and consents that are kept on record.

Are There Any Risks?

Any injections not done in a medical office run the risk of hygiene not being strictly respected. We recommend doing your due diligence and asking the service providers all of the necessary questions to ensure there are no complications or dissatisfactions.