Brandon Siler From Netflix's ‘Swamp Kings’ Went On To Play Pro Football

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Netflix’s newest docuseries Untold: Swamp Kings tells the riveting true story of how the University of Florida became a hugely successful football school after recruiting coach Urban Meyer.

Meyer and other players detail in the show how team members underwent grueling training to become the best football team in the country.

One of those players is Brandon Siler, who went on to have a pretty successful pro football career.

So who is Brandon Siler and where is he now? Here’s the deal.

What is Swamp Kings about?

Swamp Kings tells the true story of how notoriously ruthless football coach Urban Meyer took the Florida Gators in the mid-2000s from a “ragtag” team into a “ferocious winning machine,” according to Netflix.

“I thought I knew big time football,” Meyer said in the series. “You don’t know big time football until you start messing around in that Southeastern Conference.”

Watch the trailer here:

Tim Tebow, who became a Heisman-winning quarterback under Meyer, is also featured in the series.

Meyer noted in the series that Siler quickly emerged as a natural leader for the team, but he was tough to manage. Meyer told Siler he was going to talk to his parents about his behavior, only to realize that his parents weren’t interested.

“They show up to campus, they've been drinking all day. And my mama says, 'Meyers, listen. My son come here to win a national championship and go to the NFL. So if you ain't here to do that, then you need to get out of the way. This ain't Utah!’” Siler recalled in the series.

Siler said that Meyer gave him a hug after the meeting and said, “’You just keep doing what you're doing. That's the craziest set of parents I've ever met.'"

Siler played in the NFL after the events in 'Swamp Kings.'

Several Florida Gators players went on to play in the NFL, including Siler.

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Brandon Siler of the San Diego Chargers poses for his 2009 NFL headshot.NFL Photos - Getty Images

The linebacker was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the seventh round of the 2007 NFL draft and played for San Diego and the Kansas City Chiefs for six seasons, according to his bio.

He played in 74 games, started in 16, and had 180 tackles, two interceptions, and three recovered fumbles, according to Netflix.

Where Is Brandon Siler now?

Siler played his last NFL game in 2012.

Today, he is the president (and founder) of Legacy Pro Sports, a company that helps former NFL and MLB players “manage their personal, financial, and medical matters,” according to the company website.

“We acknowledge the challenges former players face when they step away from professional sports,” the website says. “Our primary goal is to address the unique needs of each athlete and ensure they lead a fulfilling and high-quality life after the game.”

What is Brandon Siler's net worth?

There’s no hard and fast number, but it’s estimated online to be between $3 and $5 million.

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