Bride outraged after in-laws pick restaurant with ‘bad reviews’ for rehearsal dinner

Bride outraged after in-laws pick restaurant with ‘bad reviews’ for rehearsal dinner (Getty Images)
Bride outraged after in-laws pick restaurant with ‘bad reviews’ for rehearsal dinner (Getty Images)

A bride is opening up about a situation her future in-laws put her in.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” forum, the bride explained that her fiancé’s parents offered to pay for their rehearsal dinner. According to the woman, the couple was very detailed about checking what their price range was before sending over any options.

“With this knowledge we asked multiple times what our budget was, and sent a list of places we would like to have it at with prices attached. We heard nothing from them, after multiple lists sent and questions asked,” the bride explained in her Reddit post.

Two weeks after not hearing a response, they received a call from her fiancé’s father, who told them he had already booked a venue that was not any of the options they sent over.

The bride explained that the suggested venue was a bar that had “multiple one-star reviews” for “bad food” and that she had been there herself and also had a bad experience.

“We asked why we were not involved and told them to cancel it. There was no cancelation fee and they would receive their deposit back in full. They said they would think about it and asked for more options,” the Reddit post continued.

The couple then came across an Italian restaurant that was halfway between the wedding venue and hotel their guests were staying at. She sent the information over to her future in-laws and received no response.

“Then last night they finally responded with a ‘no we are sticking to the original place’ and ‘we don’t want to start a war.’ I am beyond frustrated and at this point might book the place we want anyway,” the post concluded before asking people for their opinion.

After posting, many people took to the comments to defend the bride’s decision because it is her wedding day. Others offered suggestions for how to possibly pay for the rehearsal dinner herself to have it the way she wants it.

“Hold the rehearsal dinner where you want - not at the place with bad food that you have actually been to and have had bad experiences with,” one comment began.

“If your future in-laws get huffy about it, and you have to pay for the dinner yourself - so be it. Don’t start your marriage off by celebrating the rehearsal of the wedding at a place you didn’t ask for and actively don’t even like. If your in-laws are insulted, they should ask themselves why they couldn’t have picked one of the places on your list, or at least actively communicated with you before committing.”

“The dinner hasn’t been held yet - you can still save it. If paying for the alternate place is an issue, you can choose a more modest place - but at least it won’t be a bad place. Don’t start your wedding backing down and compromising like this,” the comment concluded.

Another commenter questioned why her fiancé didn’t step in because they are his parents.

“Why would your future in-laws want to have the rehearsal dinner at a place with bad food? Surely one-star reviews plus your own bad experiences should be enough to deter them from the place. It’s also not just your place to be asking for what you want - why is your fiancé not more involved in this?” they questioned.

“It’s his parents. While it’s generous of them to pay for the dinner, if it’s something neither of you want then they should take that into consideration. Why is your fiancé just waiting for them to respond - can he not pick up the phone and call? Or go visit, presuming they don’t leave too far away?”