Bride's Sister Leaves Wedding in Tears After Maid-of-Honor Humiliated Her During Speech

The maid of honor joked that the bride's sister was the "family screw-up"

<p>Docinets Vasil/Getty</p> Stock photo of a bride and bridesmaid

Docinets Vasil/Getty

Stock photo of a bride and bridesmaid

A bride's sister left the wedding in tears after her sister's maid of honor called her the "family screw-up" in her speech.

The 27-year-old, who served as a bridesmaid at the wedding, shared her story on Reddit's popular "Am I the A------?" thread, where she expressed her confusion over why her sister's best friend felt the need to insult her in the speech.

"During the reception the maid of honor, who has been my sister's best friend since childhood, gave her speech," she wrote. "It was emotional and all, but then she made a joke about how I was the family screw-up who finally managed to do something right by not messing up my bridesmaid duties. Everyone laughed, but I didn't find it funny."

The woman went on to share that she has been dealing with mental health issues in recent years, and "dropped out of college for a while." She added that she has gotten her "life back on track," but "it’s still a sensitive topic" — and not one she expected to hear brought up at her sister's wedding, on a day that she pointed out wasn't about her.

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She continued, "Hearing that joke in front of all our family and friends wasn't funny at all. My sister's best friend and I never really got along but still I never expected something like this from her."

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After the speech, the woman said she went outside to regain her composure. However, her sister followed her, and when she told the bride why she was upset, she said, "it was just a joke and she meant nothing bad."

While she tried to go back inside, the woman ultimately couldn't bring herself to return to the wedding after the maid of honor's speech. Now her sister is angry with her.

"My parents understand why I was upset, but my sister is angry with me. I do feel terrible for leaving, but I also feel like I had the right to feel hurt and humiliated," she wrote.

Reddit users on the thread responded by assuring the woman that in this case she's not the a------.

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One person wrote, "I'm sorry you had to go through that. Mocking someone's mental health is bulls--- in any circumstance, but in front of their whole group of family and friends? Just despicable."

Another added, "That was not a joke, it was an insult, and regardless if her friend 'meant nothing bad' it still had the same effect. There was absolutely no reason for you, nor your past struggles, to be mentioned in a speech at your sister’s wedding."

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Commenters also praised the sister of the bride for how far she has come in her mental health journey, and urged her to protect her peace however she needs to when it comes to dealing with her family.

"Congrats on where you are in life," one user wrote. "You deserve all good things, not scorn and mockery. Turning a mental health spiral around is very challenging, and you have a lot of strength, grit, and determination. Take pride in what you've accomplished."

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