This $30 tool claims to stop the itch caused by bug bites. But does it work?

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Bug Bite Thing.
Bug Bite Thing.

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Along with the great things about summer like warmer temperatures and more hours of daylight, one of the more inconvenient aspects of the season is the increase in insects and bug bites. Try as you may to fend them off with sprays or nets, it’s almost inevitable that we all end up with a bite or two.

Natural solutions like aloe or oatmeal baths can take away some of the itch, but other times you need something stronger. Enter the Bug Bite Thing.

With a name like “Bug Bite Thing,” you may not expect much from the $30 Amazon gadget, but contrary to what its name may suggest, it’s a revolutionary device that takes the itch out of bug bites and is perfect for summer.

Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing. Image via Amazon.
Bug Bite Thing. Image via Amazon.

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How does it work?

Instead of using harsh creams or chemicals, the Bug Bite Thing uses suction to address the itch caused by bug bites. By removing the insect venom and saliva left under the skin, it quickly relieves swelling and irritation naturally by pulling the irritants out of the body, rather than masking it with topical treatments.

Made from a reusable and durable plastic, the Bug Bite Thing is compact and easy to carry on hikes or camping trips, and works against bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, and more.

To activate the mechanism, place the suction cup over the affected bite and apply gentle pressure before slowly pulling the side handles up. Keep the Bug Bite Thing in place for 10-30 seconds, then lower the handles to release the suction, and repeat the process if necessary. Depending on size of your bite, you can choose from the two suction tips to ensure that the entire bite is treated.

What shoppers are saying

The Bug Bite Thing has earned a solid reputation online, with a 3.9 star rating on more than 2,400 Amazon reviews. Shoppers have praised its suction power, and ability to diminish itchy bites with use.

“I love this BUG BITE THING! It is small and fits in my sting medic kit with ease,” reads one review. “Very well made and thought out. The handle edges flick stingers out and then the suction tip extracts poison from under the skin. I love that the tip of the suction end reverses so you have a small suction tool and a large suction tool in one.”

“Got a mosquito bite within hours of receiving this new gadget so I tried it out and it works!” reads another. “It did leave a small suction circle mark on my leg which disappeared in a day or two but the itch was gone as soon as I used the tool. Great alternative to chemicals.”

While some reviewers didn’t find the Bug Bite Thing to be as effective as they hoped, other reviewers noted that it works best with repeated use.

“Is this a miracle tool? No. It will not magically make your bug bite vanish. What it WILL do, and do very well, is help suck the things out of the affected area that cause the histamine reaction that makes you itch so much,” shared one reviewer. “I did find that it's most effective when you pump it several times over the bitten area, not just pull up once.”

The bottom line

At $30, the Bug Bite Thing is initially a pricey alternative to most bug sprays and anti-itch creams. However, since it’s washable and reusable, you’ll be able to get multiple seasons of use out of it which brings more bang for your buck than creams that may expire quickly.

If you’re looking for an all-natural and kid-friendly way to treat bites, this is one device that you’ll want to add to your summer first aid kit ASAP.

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