Burger King Has a Brand-New Whopper

If you want one you better hurry.

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Burger King

It’s a big day for burger fans, especially for those of you out there who are partial to a Whopper.

On Monday, Burger King rolled out a brand-new version of its famed burger with the introduction of the Candied Bacon Whopper. You may have already heard rumors about it because an anonymous employee leaked images of the new Whopper’s packaging to food blogger Markie Devo late last week.

In the image shared on Devo’s Instagram account, you can clearly see the listed ingredients: sweet bacon jam, garlic aioli, candied bacon, and crispy onions. Also pictured are the ever-favorite toppings of lettuce and tomato, all inside a seeded bun. Burger King confirmed the rollout to Food & Wine, adding in an email that the Candied Bacon Whopper features “our classic 1/2 pound flame-grilled beef patty” as well, and that the seeded bun is indeed sesame seed.

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The good news? You can order it now. The bad news? It’s once again a limited-edition item that you’ll only be able to get while supplies last.

But, if the second half of Devo’s Instagram post is to be believed (and really, why wouldn’t it be?), the fast food chain will also be rolling out a Fiery Big Fish sandwich to select locations, which is a “regular fish sandwich just with a creamy spicy sauce,” so at least some of you can look forward to having that on the menu, too.

There is one more thing we can all get excited about at BK, and that’s its celebration of croissants. On Tuesday, Jan. 30, Burger King is celebrating National Croissant Day by offering its Croissan’wich for just one penny. That includes all its variations like the Ham, Egg, and Cheese; the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese; the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese; and the Fully Loaded Croissan’wich, which comes with ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, and cheese. You can only get your hands on the pastry sandwich if you’re a member of Royal Perks and place an order of at least $1 through the Burger King app or website, but a deal’s a deal. 

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