The Burger King Hack That Adds A Creamy Twist To Slushies

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While it may not reach the same levels of popularity as the Grimace Shake Challenge, Burger King customers have discovered a way to transform their slushies and icees. Although, not everyone may be a fan of the hack. If you've always wanted to try a frozen strawberry lemonade cream, then this just may be the hack for you.

In a recent TikTok, a TikToker demonstrated how to liven up their slushie by pouring a small container of coffee creamer inside it. The video is actually part of a wider trend on the social media platform of combining coffee creamer with drinks you'd least expect. So far, the TikTok trend hasn't exactly gone viral, but it has raised a few eyebrows and interesting questions. For instance, another TikToker combined coffee creamer with their diet Dr. Pepper for an interesting take on the vanilla soda trend.

When it comes to the Burger King video, the resulting mixture didn't look much different from its regular counterpart. Unfortunately, the TikToker ended the video before letting viewers know how it tasted, but they did share some of their thoughts in the comment section. They were unsure if the coffee cream slushie was a success or failure, writing, "Like it was good but then weird but then when it warmed up it was good again so Idk."

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Genius Creation Or Terrible Hack?

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When it comes to the coffee creamer slushie, perhaps the idea isn't as wild as it may seem at first glance. After all, cream slushies have been gaining popularity in recent years, so let's analyze further. Many cream slushie recipes involve combining slushies with ice cream, which imparts both a creaminess as well nice hint of vanilla in the mixture. The ice cream combines well with the fruity flavors of a slushie to create something new. It's become so popular that restaurants like Sonic have even tried to hop aboard the bandwagon in years past.

So, coffee creamer is just a step down from ice cream, right? Millions of Americans use coffee creamer to light up and give a splash of cream to their morning cup of joes every day. In fact, flavor is the only difference between a frappe and a slushie. Like ice cream, coffee creamer contains both sugar and a vanilla undertone. However, it's worth noting that coffee creamer is highly processed, and made up of mostly water, vegetable oil, and sugar.

It may be worth using heavy cream or milk for a cream slushie instead. Of course, you could also try almond or soy milk as a dairy-free alternative. However, if you're in a pinch, there's nothing wrong with trying coffee creamer in your slushie. We're just unsure of the results.

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