Burger King Will Pay You $1 Million for the Next Great Whopper Idea

Don't keep your great burger ideas to yourself.

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Burger King

Attention burger aficionados: Burger King wants to hear your ideas for its next great Whopper creation. And it’s willing to pay you $1 million for your idea.

Starting today, February 5, burger fans and would-be chefs can submit their ideas to the Million Dollar Whopper Contest, outlining which ingredients they believe belong atop its famed flame-grilled meat. If selected, they’ll not only win the cash but also see their creation actually come to life and end up on menus across America. But you’re going to need to be seriously inventive with your topping suggestions. As Burger King noted in a press release, “The flame-grilled Whopper currently offers more than 200,000 possible customized combinations,” meaning only the most creative of ideas will suffice.

To enter, those with topping ideas can visit BK.com/MDW or open the BK App to submit their Whopper creation any time through Sunday, March 17. (Note: you need to sign up for and use the free Royal Perks account.) Then, just follow the prompts and add up to eight toppings to your submission. After submitting an idea, contestants will be treated to an A.I. preview of their creation, which they can then add a personalized A.I.-generated jingle to, which can be downloaded and shared across social media.

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“Burger King is all about Having It Your Way, and this contest is a true embodiment of that. More than 50% of guests customize their Whopper sandwich, and now, the possibilities of what those customizations include are endless,” Pat O’Toole, the chief marketing officer at Burger King, shared. “And, whether or not your Whopper ends up in restaurants nationwide, we’re giving guests the opportunity to experience and share their creation using the power of A.I. technology.”

Like last year, three finalists will be selected and brought to Burger King headquarters in Miami to refine their idea and see if it all works. The three burgers will then be offered for a limited time in locations across the country. Other diners will then get to vote on their favorite Million Dollar Whopper idea, and the finalists with the most votes win.

In case you need a little more inspiration for your Whopper creation, you can always look to Whoppers of the past, including the Angry Whopper, the Ghost Pepper Whopper, and the latest addition, the Candied Bacon Whopper. Or, just go to your nearest Burger King and test out all 200,000 possible combinations to see what works and what could possibly be missing. 

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