Burt’s Bees ranch-flavoured lip balm sells out in one day

Burt’s Bees has created a chicken wing’s inspired lip balm collection, and it sold out in one day.

On Wednesday 17 January the beauty brand took to Instagram to announce that it was collaborating with Hidden Valley ranch dressing to create a lip balm flavour made for the “ranch fans.”

“Game on, ranch fans!” the post’s announcement began. “You ordered and we served it up. @burtsbees x @hiddenvalley Ranch Dippers Lip Balm 4 pack is the limited edition flavour collab that ranch fans have been dreaming of. It’s a wing basket in balm form just for game day.”

The four flavours are buffalo sauce, crunchy celery, fresh carrot, and Hidden Valley ranch. The brand then posted a follow-up announcement saying that their stock sold out in “just a few hours.”

This isn’t the first time Burt’s Bees has mentioned a ranch dressing flavour before, but only as an April Fool’s Day prank. On 1 April 2022 the beauty brand posted a photo of a Hidden Valley ranch flavoured lip balm.

“How much Ranch flavour is too much?” the post’s caption began. “The limit does not exist.”

At the time many people took to the comments of that post to express how excited they were for the collaboration. “U never can get tooooo much Hidden Valley Ranch!!” one comment read.

Another person agreed, writing, “Ranch and lip balm together? I think so.”

Not everyone thought it was a good idea, with some commenters thinking the fake collaboration was gross. “Horrendous corporate attempt at appealing to the masses,” one comment began.

“Disgusted by anyone who would want Hidden Valley Ranch themed chapstick. If my partner wore this trust we would be over. Just disgusted.”

“Pregnant and that still sounds gross,” another comment read.

Now that the collaboration has actually happened, all the Ranch lovers have shown up to purchase the $11.99 set. According to the brand’s website, the product is currently sold out and many people have left product reviews begging Burt’s Bees to bring it back.

“I need this,” one five-star review on the website read. “I am on a diet and this would be perfect for me to stay on track. Love the smell of ranch dressing and the taste and just having that available on my lips would help me stay focused on my diet goals. No, this has nothing to do with lips, but your product is amazing for that as well.”

Some people wrote one-star reviews with the goal of convincing them to restock the limited-edition lip balms. “This is such an amazing product and so many people wanted it but didn’t get it in time,” a one-star review read. “I’m in tears. I need it. I can’t live without it. I need you to restock and make it an exclusive product. It needs to be in stock all the time.”

“Like why? Why is this already gone? Sold out?” another one-star review questioned. “Did someone purchase all of them to secretly sell at 5 times the price? I was so excited about this and it’s already gone. Limited edition for 24 hours.”