California Costco Shoppers Got A Bit Chaotic Waiting For Fresh Rotisserie Chicken

Costco rotisserie chickens being packaged
Costco rotisserie chickens being packaged - Bloomberg/Getty Images

The popular $4.99 rotisserie chickens at Costco have become one of the most sought-after items amongst members -- the wholesaler sells over 100 million spit-roasted birds each year. Yet, even after decades of offering them for such a low price, it seems that Costco still hasn't developed an organized distribution method. A recent TikTok captured a large group of California Costco shoppers swarming over the restock of rotisserie chickens with a sense of urgency that may have become a bit more chaotic than anyone intended.

According to the timestamps on this viral video, It only took 22 seconds for the entire rack of fresh chicken to get cleared out by members who had waited near the hot foods area in a rather cluttered fashion. Luckily, no actual altercations broke out while everyone rushed to grab their rotisserie chickens, though there's no telling what could have happened if Costco employees had waited even a minute longer to bring out the highly anticipated item, which has been a mainstay at the bulk retailer since 1994.

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Costco's Popular Rotisserie Chicken Seems To Be On Everyone's Shopping List

Packaged Costco rotisserie chickens on display
Packaged Costco rotisserie chickens on display - Bloomberg/Getty Images

The internet has had a collective laugh over the herd of hungry members eagerly awaiting their turn to add a fresh rotisserie chicken to their carts. One commenter on TikTok observed, "It's like when you throw bread on the floor and the birds start running towards it." Another claimed to have witnessed many times when employees didn't even have time to place chicken onto their designated shelf before members began grabbing at them.

On Reddit, a self-identified employee at this particular location in Garden Grove, California, called some of the members who frequent their location, "a bit ... of something else." While Costco is known for low prices and deals on bulk goods, it also has a reputation for becoming extremely overcrowded. Many members have had their fair share of frustrating shopping experiences while trying to shop through a sea of people who aren't adhering to unspoken Costco etiquette.

Savvy Redditors brainstormed ideas for better distribution systems. One shared that their local Costco restocks the chicken "from behind the counter. Avoids this debacle but there are people who line up for sure." Many also recalled seeing long lines that formed while customers waited (sometimes impatiently) for the next batch of rotisserie chicken to arrive. To avoid them, another user proposed a take-a-number system, similar to queue lines at deli counters, although users seem to have different opinions on how well that style of system would be honored.

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