Calvin Harris’ wife Vick Hope says she listens to Taylor Swift ‘as soon’ as he’s not around

Calvin Harris’ wife Vick Hope has revealed that she listens to Taylor Swift’s music when he’s not around.

On an 8 April episode of her BBC Radio 1 show Going Home with Vick, Katie, and Jamie, the 34-year-old radio personality revealed to listeners that she’s a fan of her husband’s ex-girlfriend’s music. The topic came about as she and co-host Katie Thistleton read fan messages writing about the silly things they like to do whenever their partners aren’t around.

When one fan wrote that they listen to “all the tunes he hates while I dance,” Thisleton first noted that it was a good thing, adding: “You can listen to all of the music he hates while he’s out of the house.”

Hope chimed in with what she listens to when her famous spouse is gone, initially reluctant to say who she secretly listens to but giving in anyway. Because of Harris’ history with the “Cruel Summer” singer, she noted that she only listens to the pop star’s tunes whenever he “goes away”.

“As soon as my husband goes away, I listen to Taylor Swift,” she admitted, causing her co-host to burst out laughing. “That’s just when I get my little fill — just a little fill.”

She added: “Just a couple of songs, get it out of my system and then it’s done.”

One eagle-eyed Swiftie - which Taylor Swift fans call themselves - rushed to X, formerly known as Twitter, to put their two cents in about Hoper’s candid revelation. They posted a screen recording of a clip from the podcast and wrote: “Calvin Harris’ wife just said she listens to Taylor Swift when he’s not home.”

In response, one person jokingly commented: “Vic Hope for prime minister.”

“She’s a beautiful, confident woman with a great sense of humour,” another fan noted. “She knows she has nothing to worry about, everyone has exes they just aren’t usually as worldwide famous and adored as his!”

Many of Swift’s exes have notably gone on to date and marry other people who so happen to be fans of the pop star, including her now-friend Sophie Turner, who is currently in the process of divorcing Swift’s ex Joe Jonas.

“The way so many of her exes moved on to date people who love her...” one fan wrote, making the connection. “You’ll never get away from the woman who loved you.”

Sparks first flew between the radio personality and the 40-year-old “Feel So Close” hitmaker in early 2022, with the couple eventually getting married in September 2023 after engagement rumours swirled around the pair since the beginning of the year. The wedding festivities were held at an estate in North East England, with Nile Rodgers and his band Chic performing at the event.