Camila Cabello accessories leather hotpants with a blonde tail, naturally

camila cabello leather hotpants tail
Camila Cabello’s leather knickers feature a tail@camila_cabello - Instagram

It's been a transformative year for Camila Cabello, at least in terms of her appearance. Back in January, she debuted her shortest bangs yet with a cute micro fringe haircut, going on to then dye her tresses bleach blonde a month later. She trialled naked eyebrows in March, as well as alien-bright sea blue eyes at the beginning of April.

Of course, it's all part of her new 'I Luv It' era, with the newly-released single believed to be part of her fourth studio album 'C, XOXO' anticipated for release this summer. And a new music era obviously means a new style era, too.

It's now considered standard practice and good publicity for an artist to become their music. Case in point: Beyoncé fully adopting Westerncore off the back of 'Cowboy Carter'. For Camila, that apparently means growing a tail. We promise we're not joking.

Fresh off the back of taking to the stage to perform with Lana Del Rey at Coachella, Camila casually took to Instagram to share a look at her photoshoot for King Kong Magazine. The first slide in her carousel sees the 27-year-old peering over a garden fence wearing a hooded cropped leather top and gloves with very cheeky lace-up leather hotpants accessorised with a long, blonde tail. Black heeled sandals completed the look.

Camila captioned her post, "I’m so happy I don’t have to keep my blonde tail a secret any longer thank you @kingkongmagazine for being so supportive of my condition 🙏". Well, this is not what we had on our 2024 Bingo card, that's for sure...

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