Can you guess how old she is? Taiwanese designer looks half her age

Krista Thurrott

Eat well, exercise often and moisturize daily — these are all tips from a Taiwanese designer who is shocking people with her ageless look.

People can’t believe how young this Taiwanese fashion designer looks <em>(Photo via Instagram)</em>
People can’t believe how young this Taiwanese fashion designer looks (Photo via Instagram)

Lure Hsu, a 43-year-old who is often mistaken for being in her early 20s, gained an internet following thanks to her unbelievably youthful appearance. Hsu, who is known for her fresh-faced photos on her Instagram feed, credits her glow to a strict diet and exercise routine.

Hsu is no stranger to the spotlight — she’s well-known for appearing on a Taiwanese TV show, as well as for her self-named fashion label.

In an interview with Friday magazine, she said that most skin aging problems could be resolved with regular moisturizing.

She also limits sun exposure — and told the Taiwanese publication she only indulges in sunlight as a “treat” — and when she does, it’s after she applies SPF.

The designer also regularly takes vitamin C and collagen supplements. She also kicks off her day with a cup of black coffee, which she says wakes up her skin.

The vegetarian also avoids sugar and greasy foods, instead opting to fill up on a strict diet of high-fibre, high-protein fruits and vegetables.

What do you think — could Hsu be in her early 20s?

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