Chloe Wilde says she 'forgot what feeling not-exhausted felt like' after becoming a mom

The TV personality is reflecting on postpartum fatigue.

"Etalk" host Chloe Wilde is reflecting on postpartum fatigue. (Photo by GP Images/Getty Images)
"Etalk" host Chloe Wilde is reflecting on postpartum fatigue. (Photo by GP Images/Getty Images)

Chloe Wilde is getting candid about early motherhood.

The "Etalk" host took to Instagram on Wednesday with a carousel of photos of herself, her husband Ben Johnston, and their two-month-old son Grey Alexander, on their "first family staycation." She paired the snaps with a heartfelt caption reflecting on the realities of her postpartum journey so far.

"First family staycation. Celebrating baby Grey's two-month milestone with a family-focused postnatal retreat," the Canadian TV personality began. She acknowledged the trip was well-deserved, as she and Johnston are beyond tired from dividing their nights into shifts to care for their little one.

"Ben and I have been doing our best but we are tired, so this felt like the perfect time," Wilde admitted. "At home, we do divide and conquer the night shifts, but we don't sleep a lot because of our little guy, and the exhaustion has been a lot."

The family's first staycation proved to be a game-changer. Wilde penned, "Last night, little Grey stayed with the night nurses down the hall, and mom and dad slept until 8:30 am. Forgot what feeling not-exhausted felt like."

While Wilde's postpartum journey "has been a rollercoaster ride," she said her staycation left her feeling optimistic. "This stay is slowly refilling my cup," she shared.

In the comments, fans applauded Wilde's transparency shared encouraging messages.

Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen chimed in, writing, "What a beautiful idea for new families! Glad you got some rest, you guys."

"This is such a wonderful idea for new parents and babies. I love it and wish that we had it when I had Archer! I hope you are all feeling rested & rejuvenated and enjoyed this cozy time together," CTV News presenter Michelle Jobin added.

"This is so fabulous and I’m really happy to hear you both got a full night of sleep," an Instagram user wrote.

"Love your honesty so much. Keep going! It will get better! I'm glad you guys got some rest," a fan commented.

Last month, Wilde shared an intimate set of photos — including a make-up free mirror selfie where she cradled Grey in one arm and her phone in the other — paired with a raw and honest message about the struggles of being a new mom for the first time.

The Montreal-native confessed her mental health had seen better days, writing, "Some days I'm on cloud nine and other days the sadness feels overwhelming."

I've tried putting on a brave face but it's time to be honest. I have been struggling, and I'm realizing it's OK to admit that. It doesn't make me weak or ungrateful for our little rainbow baby."

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