'Polite' thief breaks into Canadian bakery, cleans up, takes selfies in viral TikTok

While burglaries are typically scary, a Vancouver bakery owner described this one as "hilarious."

Last Friday, Emma Irvine, the owner of the Vancouver bakery Sweet Something, took to TikTok to share security footage of a man allegedly breaking into her shop.

While burglaries are typically scary, Irvine — and countless viewers — have described this one as "hilarious."

In the footage, the suspect seemingly smashes the glass of the storefront and lets himself in before taking a seat to "rest" for "10 or 15 minutes" in the early hours of the morning.

The man is then seen retrieving a bucket and mop from the bathroom and begins cleaning the mess of broken glass. He took a few selfies wearing a pair of orange sunglasses on the store's iPhone, and left with nothing but six chocolate cupcakes.

"Gotta love a criminal who is respectful," Irvine said in the video. "Next time just ask. We'd be happy to give you the six cupcakes."

"Honestly I’m not even mad it’s been a good day of laughs," the shop owner added in the comments. "It's honestly hilarious."

The TikTok — which has since garnered more than two million views — was met with lighthearted reactions dubbing the incident a "polite robbery."

"OK, but did he clock in and clock out? The man worked a whole shift and then took his employee meal," one person joked.

"The most Canadian break and enter ever," a viewer penned, while another wrote, "This is the funniest video I’ve ever watched."

Another TikTok user quipped: "This is wild and also so Canadian."

"I'm sorry for laughing but this is a polite robbery," someone chimed in.

"Canadian criminals are just so respectful," a commenter shared.

One person commented: "I don't know whether to be infuriated or to laugh. This is so bizarre!"

Speaking with Insider, Irvine recalled her initial reaction after discovering her bakery had been broken into.

"Initially, my heart sank," Irvine shared. "It's hard as a small business — especially coming out of COVID — to survive right now, and one more expense doesn't make it easier.

"My mindset quickly changed. It was hilarious – I was in stitches watching [the footage]," she added. "Can't be too mad at this guy."

Following the break-in, Irvine made orange sunglass cookies inspired by the selfies the culprit left on the store's iPhone.

"Small businesses can't afford to not carry on after something like this, so we're making the best out of it," Irvine said, after revealing that all of the proceeds from the cookies will go toward repairing the damages.

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