Canadian actress Lauren Ash shares 'not-so-subtle' relationship status update

The Canadian "Superstore" actress shared sun-soaked photos from a recent girls' trip to Las Vegas.

Lauren Ash shared vacation snaps from a recent trip to Las Vegas. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
Lauren Ash shared vacation snaps from a recent trip to Las Vegas. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Lauren Ash is subtly letting her fans know she is single and happy.

On Wednesday, the Canadian "Superstore" actress took to Instagram with a carousel of sun-soaked photos from a recent "girls trip" to Las Vegas, Nev.

In some of the snaps, Ash posed poolside with several of her friends, wearing matching mesh caps that read: "No boyfriend no problem."

Ash showed off a more elegant nighttime look in a few of her other photos, donning a black cowl-neck maxi dress, with her hair in a sleek low-ponytail.

"Vegas was hot but we were hotter," the 40-year-old "True Crime & Cocktails" podcast host quipped in the caption.

Ash's post garnered laughter and warm messages from fans who loved her "not-so-subtle" relationship status update and her "radiant" holiday look.

"I love the not-so-subtle relationship status update in here, hahaha — so cute. Girls trips rule!," an Instagram user commented.

"Lauren you're so freaking radiant I'm so proud of you," another added.

"Love the hats," someone else shared, while another commenter penned, "LOL the hats are everything. And your black dress is stunning."

One person wrote: "I need the no boyfriend no problem hat!"

In March, Ash shared a photo of herself in a stunning black-and-white dress with nude cutout panels, paired with a powerful message revealing her ADHD diagnosis. She advocated to end the stigma surrounding neurodiversity.

"I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021 and felt so much relief," Ash wrote. "I had always felt like my brain worked differently in so many ways and often felt misunderstood in regard to things that I struggle with."

She recalled a time she told a medical professional of hers she was diagnosed with ADHD and "their response was, "'That's impossible. You're way too successful to have ADHD,'" Ash claimed.

"This made me realize just how much stigma surrounds neurodiversity, even in the medical community and how important it is to have conversations using my platform so that people can learn that this is a deeply incorrect way of viewing people with ADHD."

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