Canadian Amputee Allison Lang shuts down haters with powerful runway video

The Montrealer fired back at negative criticism on her modelling career.

Allison Lang says she loves to travel regardless of her disability. (Instagram/@allisonelang)
Allison Lang fired back at criticism with a runway video. (Instagram/@allisonelang)

Allison Lang has a message for her haters.

On Thursday, the Canadian Amputee shared an Instagram reel of herself walking the "Cashmere Canada" runway, proudly showing off her prosthetic leg. She paired the clip with a caption that fires back at some of the negative criticism she got on her modelling career.

In the video's on-screen text, Lang displayed the comments she has received, including, "She thinks she's a model now," "She should let that dream go," and "It's so cringe."

"The best one is 'she only got that job because of her leg.' Well, I hope so!," she responded in the caption. "I hope brands and businesses are making it a priority to hire disabled talent. Remember, the opinions of people trying to tear you down don't matter."

She encouraged her followers to "Keep doing what you love."

Fans met Lang's post with supportive messages and praise for advocating for those with disabilities.

"Very true! You really rocked the house, girl," one person wrote.

Another added: "You are a beautiful model, representation matters, thank you for your bravery and grace."

"You are beautiful inside and outside! Not many know your struggle to where are today and many would have given up along the way," someone else shared.

"Haters will hate. You're amazing though don't let any of these comments shake you! Truly inspiring," a fan commented.

In May, Lang shared another powerful Instagram post in which she discussed being "severely bullied" for having a disability.

"I was the only one at my school with a visible disability, so I felt alone and ashamed," she shared before revealing she was called "awful names like 'Pegleg.'"

"I never wore shorts even in the hot summer months. When my classmates asked why I was limping, I would make up countless excuses," the Montreal-based content creator wrote.

She began to "wear dresses and capri pants" in university.

"I was in small classes, so it was less intimidating. However, I still obsessed over how real my leg looked," she said, adding that she now lives "for myself rather than others."

"I like my prosthetic," she concluded.

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