Canadian host Cheryl Hickey says she 'felt ashamed' of her damaged hair

The host admitted to wearing extensions to hide her damaged hair.

Canadian TV personality Cheryl Hickey detailed her hair health journey. (Photo by Robert Okine/Getty Images)
Canadian TV personality Cheryl Hickey detailed her hair health journey. (Photo by Robert Okine/Getty Images)

Cheryl Hickey is getting "vulnerable" about her hair health journey.

On Wednesday, the former "ET Canada" host took to Instagram with a candid glimpse of how she took her hair back from being severely damaged to a "pretty good state."

In a heartfelt video, she bared the consequences of years of styling, admitting "it was a hot mess. I'm talking years of hot tools, tight ponytails, teases, hairspray — all the things, all the damage. More damage than you can imagine."

She said it was "pretty much" her fault.

"I wish I could say I had pictures of how damaged my hair was, but it was one of those things that I kind of felt ashamed of, so I never really showed it."

Hickey recalled wearing sew-in extensions and "every hair piece you can imagine," to hide her damaged hair.

"My hair was only this long forever," the 47-year-old said, gesturing to approximately chin-length hair. "It was damaged, it was broken."

Now that her hair has bounced back, Hickey is determined to help others who might be experiencing hair struggles of their own. She doubled-down on the importance of not gatekeeping her go-to products, particularly in a world where women often "attach self-worth" to their hair.

"I went on a journey, and I found some stuff that actually worked." She said, highlighting Bend Beauty Marine Collagen, rosemary oil and castor oil, and the use of Dyson Air hot tools.

In the caption, Hickey reiterated as someone who has worked in television for more than two decades, she has "done so many things to my hair" including some "serious" damage.

"We attach a lot of our self worth with our hair — this is a real thing — and it is important to share what works or what has worked for me."

In the comments, fans praised Hickey for her "realness."

"You are such a breath of fresh air!," an Instagram user penned.

"You're funny and real. Keep being you," added a fan.

"Thank you for this!," someone chimed in.

"I love your realness. Thank you so much for sharing! You're a queen!," a commenter wrote.

Last month, Hickey shared an honest message about embracing change and moving forward in life following the cancellation of "ET Canada" in September.

"Your job is not you, you are you and nobody can take that away," The Owen Sound, Ont. native wrote, reminding her followers their worth goes beyond their professional roles.

"You still get to walk away a whole person with all the gifts you had given that job for however many years," she penned. "You can take your spirit and experience and launch it into the next thing, show, experience or adventure.

"Choose to show up in your life for you, or for the little people watching you transition."

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