Canadian TV host Cheryl Hickey slams body shamers: 'People actually say this?'

Cheryl Hickey opened up on TikTok about self-love and body confidence. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
Cheryl Hickey opened up on TikTok about self-love and body confidence. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

Cheryl Hickey is getting real about her body and how it's perceived by the media.

On Sunday, the "ET Canada" host took to TikTok to share a candid video about body positivity and the countless times people receive judgments about their appearance.

In the clip, the 46-year-old wore her hair in a low ponytail and opted for a fresh-faced look. Hickey stared at the camera while the words: "How many times people have said to me you look so much bigger on TV than in person, like this is somehow OK or a compliment to me or any woman. We come in all shapes and sizes on tv and off. Much love," appeared on the screen.

Hickey captioned the 11-second clip with a series of hashtags, including "body talk," "love yourself," "wellness," "health" and "mom tok."

In the video, the mother-of-two mouthed the words to the song "Seasons of Love," from the "Rent" soundtrack, focusing on the part where the actors sing "525,600 minutes." Hickey used the line to draw attention to the many times she's received unwanted comments about her body.

Fans loved the transparent and vulnerable post and praised the TV star for her empowering self-love message.

"Amen, Cheryl. And you are gorgeous!" a fan told Hickey. "Don't let the haters get in the way of living your life!"

"You definitely look fabulous on and off camera!" wrote another follower.

"Rude and inconsiderate comments. Welcome to today's society," commented someone else with a sad face emoji.

"What? People actually say this?" added a speechless follower.

"Bizarre!" added another. "But thank you for opening up about this."

Last week, Hickey shared an inspirational message on Instagram about how she prioritizes her well-being "in order to be there for others."

"Attention world. Hello, my name is Cheryl and I’m done asking for permission to take time for myself," she captioned the post.

Hickey further explained that making mental health a priority helps her to stay focused and present, especially for her family.

"In order to be there for others, it’s important, especially as women, mothers and caregivers, that we take care of ourselves first, so that we feel and look our best to take on whatever life throws at us," she wrote. "For me, that’s taking the time to get my steps in, taking time to prep a healthy meal, time with my friends, and taking care of my skin with treatments like [Ultherapy], or just reading a book or meditating."

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