Canadian TV host Tracy Moore wants to spend time on 'fun,' not 'beauty maintenance'

Tracy Moore isn't the happiest about returning to the maintenance of some beauty standards. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram)
Tracy Moore isn't the happiest about returning to the maintenance of some beauty standards. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram) ((Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram))

Tracy Moore is over maintaining some beauty standards.

The 47-year-old Canadian TV personality posted an Instagram Reel on Thursday, where she expressed her annoyance with the return of having to keep up with beauty standards. In the video, the "Cityline" host shook her head while the words, "After tweezing two chin hairs," appeared on-screen. Moore also mouthed the words to an audio clip of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Marlo Hampton saying, "Oh, Lord have mercy. Mmh, mmh, mmh. Today drained me."

In the clip, Moore wore an off-white spaghetti strap top, as she showed off her curled golden brown locks and a vibrant blue glamorous eyeshadow look.

"Why are they so stubborn?" she jokingly questioned in the beginning of her caption, referring to her pesky chin hairs. "I’m sad that beauty maintenance is back. Even so, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get my eyebrows waxed or nails professionally done again. Time is the sweetest commodity and I want mine spent on fun."

Still, Moore admits keeping a hair-free chin is a challenge she can't lose.

"I can’t just let them take over. I can’t let them win. Thus, the battle continues. What is the beauty maintenance regimen you can’t stand the most?" she asked her followers. "P.S., I know no one is forcing me to tweeze my chin hairs. I do it because I want them gone."

In the comments section, fans and fellow Canadian TV personalities shared their frustrations when it comes to beauty.

"Nails, nails, nails," wrote "ET Canada" host Cheryl Hickey.

"Two two!!!" I dream of two," added Canadian TV host Teri Hart, while Moore replied saying, "Lol, I’ve got more than two on most days, as well."

"I've been picking at one since last night," one fan chimed in, while adding a crying laughing emoji.

"Girl ... try tweezing five!" another commented.

"Same, same! I’m going to ask my laser person if I can laser them the next time they grow in. Burn those little stubborn hairs!" someone shared.

"It’s those d—n chin hairs, but also for me, it’s the dying of my grey hair. It’s annoying," someone else said.

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