Canadian host Tracy Moore recalls her experience with postpartum depression: 'There's no end to the tears'

The "Cityline" host spoke openly about living with postpartum depression after giving birth to her son 15 years ago.

Tracy Moore shared her postpartum experience on a recent episode of
Tracy Moore shared her postpartum experience on a recent episode of "Cityline." (Image via Getty Images)

Tracy Moore spoke candidly about her experience with postpartum depression in a powerful "Cityline” segment. On Wednesday, the TV host and mother-of-two was joined by Sarah Nicole Landry and author Bee Quammie, to raise awareness about postpartum mental health.

Moore told her guests that she became depressed after giving birth to her son, Sidney, 15 years ago.

"I'm so close to my parents but I couldn't — I didn't tell them," Moore revealed.

The severity of her condition became apparent when her husband, Lionel, noticed she had stopped eating. "I remember him cutting up my food into tiny little pieces and feeding me," Moore said while holding back tears, adding she's "still raw about it," even 15 years later.

Her husband reached out to one of Moore's friends, Tamara, for help.

"I'm like, 'I'm sad, I'm crying inside the house, I'm crying outside the house, I'm crying at the gym, I'm crying in the shower. There's no end to the tears,'" she said.

Moore stressed the importance of open communication for those struggling and the need to end the stigma around postpartum depression and the difficulties of motherhood.

"We don't talk about how hard it is... I don't always want to talk to moms about how difficult it is 'cause I'm afraid I'm gonna be that doomsday person," she said. "If you are feeling off at all, if there's anything, if you're not feeling like yourself, I'm here. Talk to me. We can talk about any of the things."

Fans took to Instagram to praise the segment and thank Moore, Landry and Quammie for sharing their stories publicly.

Toronto-based wellness influencer Nikki McFarlane wrote in the comments: "I couldn't help but tear up during this segment. All these years later, it felt like yesterday. I had [two] difficult pregnancies both for different reasons. With my [second], my labouring experience was traumatic. Thank you to all the women for their transparency."

"It's so important to normalize speaking on this topic. Thank you for sharing, Tracy! Your vulnerability is powerful and change-making," an Instagram user commented.

"Such an important conversation for women who have gone through this to feel seen and also for young women like myself who will now know it is okay to have these conversations and seek help if we experience this in the future," a fan added.

"After my third child I was 30 and I was struggling so badly with postpartum depression," another person shared. "I had stopped eating. I was extremely depressed crying all the time and I just thought it was my severe clinical depression because I live with PTSD generalized anxiety and severe clinical depression. I didn’t think anything of it… We really don't talk about it enough but when we struggle with it."

Moore commented on the Instagram post with words of encouragement to new parents. "I don’t even know if Tamara Simoneau properly understands the hole she helped dig me out of," she said. "What a time. I say to mothers and moms-to-be… say everything you’re feeling out loud. Someone will help you rescue yourself."

If you or someone you know is suffering, please contact Crisis Services Canada at 1-833-456-4566, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. For a full list of resources including mental health services in your area, visit the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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