Influencer shows off '4 generations of women' with daughter, mom & grandmother

The Canadian influencer thanked the women in her family who came before her.

Ariana Christie shared photos of
Ariana Christie shared photos of "4 generations of women" in her family paired with a heartfelt message. (Instagram/@arianajoychristie)

Ariana Christie is embracing the women in her family.

In a heartwarming Instagram post on Thursday, the Canadian influencer shared a set of photos featuring four generations of women from her family, including herself, her one-year-old daughter, her mother and her grandmother.

In the snaps, Christie posed in a white short-sleeve top while holding her daughter, Cali Belle, who she dressed in an adorable pink tulle skirt.

The mom-of-three paired the family photos with a powerful caption reflecting on womanhood and motherhood.

"I am so grateful for the women in our family who came before me and taught me to shoot for the stars," Christie penned. "That I can do anything if I put my mind to it. That I am smart and capable. That no dream is too big."

The content creator acknowledged her privilege in passing these invaluable lessons on to her own daughter. "And now I have the wonderful privilege of teaching my daughter these lessons that I have learned," she shared, adding:

"I am forever grateful for these women, especially, who paved the way for me and shaped me into the woman I am today."

Christie wrote a special tribute to her grandmother whose birthday coincided with the post.

"Today is my grandmother's (the kids great grandmother's) birthday. I am so thankful for you gran, and for everything you have taught me," she concluded.

In the comments, fans praised Christie for showing love to the women in her family and for understanding the "beauty of womanhood."

"This is beautiful Ariana!," an Instagram user commented.

"So special," a fan added.

One person shared: "Oh, I love this."

"So beautiful and special," another chimed in.

"You understand the beauty of womanhood. This is so heartwarming. Love this!," someone wrote.

In August, Christie wowed fans with another powerful Instagram post. The Guelph, Ont.-realtor shared an intimate Instagram reel containing footage of her breastfeeding journey paired with a message about embracing "providing."

In the clip, Christie shared several photos of herself tandem breastfeeding her now-three-year-old twin sons, Oscar and Axel, when they were younger, as well as feeding her daughter.

"It is multitasking and adapting. It's pain and exhaustion and feeling accomplished. It's giving hours and hours one end and feeling touched out," she captioned the post. "It's beautiful still moments and knowing that you're providing.

"It's Breastfeeding Awareness Week, which can bring up a lot of feelings for many. So this week, remember that everyone's journey is different."

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